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means that the advertiser pays the publisher each time one of its ads is being clicked
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means that the advertiser pays the publisher for every 1000 ad impressions being served

Why Us

Clicks Ocean is the innovative advertising network that specializes in CPC, CPM, CPV advertising. We help to monetize traffic. Our system serves billions of requests every month and this figure is constantly growing due to cooperation with the new partners.

Use Clicks Ocean on favorable terms to get profit from every click and thousand of banner, video impressions for desktop and mobile traffic. Various advertisers with high rates for more than 200 geo’s will help you to increase your profit with every click and impression. We select placements and optimize ads and contextual units in such a way that they work with higher ROI and bring more profit. We assure you that we can find the proper advertiser with the right bid and coverage for your traffic type. 

unique publishers

Traffic comes only from our direct publishers. We do our best to enforce brand safety environment within our network and ensure all the websites are safe.

advanced targeting

Wide range of targeting tools will help you to reach the best CR. Experienced account manager is always ready to help you with targeting.

High quality clicks

We use our own system of traffic quality control. It has proved its efficiency with hundreds of our advertisers.
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Our team will help you to earn maximum profit from every click and impression made on your website. We will provide you with the best payment terms. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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